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Solarex Powering Africa Project

Be a part of an innovative, disruptive, decentralised, decarbonised, and democratised blockchain based solar energy ecosystem

Our Vision

To become the largest blockchain based, most efficient and sustainable energy provider, offering energy at an affordable price for all, setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly, focusing on customer satisfaction.


The Problems

One and a half billion people worldwide still do not have access to electricity. And 3 billion rely on biomass for cooking. Africa is ranked in the top 10 continents with lowest access to electricity. Indoor air polution from carbon monoxide in open stoves is the leading cause of mortality in developing countries ahead of malaria and tuberculosis both put together. Solarex has identified the folowing problems in the energy industry;

Absence of grid power in remote locations.
Lack of safety and reliability.
Lack of transparency and security in power transactions.
Environmental and Public health; Major hazards from the polluting energy sources.
Adaptability and resilience; regular blackout from power failure.
Unaffordable energy cost.
Unnecessary loss of energy in a centralised grid during transmission.
Market entry barriers both as a producer and as a consumer (eg, financing and Setup charges).
Poor capacity utilisation in a critical plain area.

Solarex Solutions


Blockchain and Smart Contract

The blockchain technology integration allows the ecosystem to perform transactions and read energy data into a distributed ledger. It gives a transparent, secure and accurate accounting of transactions and energy data. The use of smart contract and blockchain will directly and automatically control data flow and energy storage in the Solarex Ecosystem. The use of smart contract will also ensure the balance of activities in the ecosystem. The proof of ownership is at the very centre of fraud related cases and Solarex implementation of blockchain technology will completely eliminate fraudulent activities in the ecosystem. Blockchain and Smart contract application will eliminate the following problems;

  • Lack of transparency and security in power transactions.
  • Poor capacity utilisation.
  • Fraudulent activities.


P2P Energy Trading Platform

This trading platform will allow neighbours to trade their excess energy. The main advantage of the peer to peer energy trading marketplace is to ensure smooth operation of the ecosystem by offering balance of the energy distribution in the ecosystem. It will address the following problems in the current electricity network;

  • Unnecessary loss of energy in a centralised grid during transmission.
  • Poor Capacity utilisation.
  • Adaptability and resilience.
  • Excessive load in a centralised system.


Smart Meter

The Solarex Smart meter will come with unique technology that will enable it read data to the blockchain and give accurate and real time information to the energy consumer and to Solarex. The smart meter will come with load balancing system, it will be able to alerts users when their top-up is running low and needs to reload. The meter will be able to cut off or suspend an account without credit and reactivate the account when top-up has been made. Solarex Smart Meter will always synchronise with the Solarex mobile app. It will be able to perform wireless communication with Solarex control system using Internet of things (IOT) technology. The Smart Meter will address the following problems;

  • Energy theft – Smart meter will detect any bridge in the network.
  • Lack of transparency and security in energy transactions – Smart meter will give accurate energy consumption and users will be able to get real time report of their energy data.
  • Poor capacity utilisation in a critical pain area – Smart meter will ensure the actual energy purchased is delivered to consumer. Excess energy will be read by smart meter and referred into the grid.
  • Adaptability and resilience – The Smart meter will be able to isolate a line in the grid that has fault and allow the other part of the grid to function without fully disruption of energy supply to that network. There by avoiding total and regular blackout.


Smart Micro Grid

The Smart Microgrid will solve the following problems;

  • Absence of grid power in remote locations – Microgrid can be setup in any small settlements to take cake of energy distribution in a locality.
  • Safety and Reliability – Solarex Microgrid will be below ground in most cases and if a microgrid is down, it will not affect other microgrid unlike the centralised network.
  • Adaptability and resilience; regular blackout from power failure – Solarex microgrid will also contribute to solving this problem as Solarex grid is a smart one that will detect any problem and relay messages to operator in Realtime. Each grid is a segment of its own and cannot affect operation in another grid.
  • Unnecessary loss of energy in a centralised grid during transmission – Solarex is using latest technology and Solarex smart grid has inbuild parameters to help curtail this problem.


# + #
AI and IOT Technology

Solarex will impliment IoT and AI in the Ecosystem to develop an advance smart metering which will in the lead to a more efficient energy production both in terms of cost and logistics.
The Use of AI and IOT will eliminate the following problems;

  • Unnecessary loss of energy in a centralized grid during transmission: The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Solarex ecosystem means the Solarex energy network will be very intelligent and be able to determine factors consumer consumption habit, consumers distant from nearest solar energy generating point. These data will be used by Solarex to deliver better services.
  • Poor capacity utilization in a critical plain area: The use of AI will ensure that the right amount of energy is delivered to the right consumer.
  • Adaptability and resilience; regular blackout from power failure: The IoT provides the intelligence for you to identify issues in real time, as the error occurs so the source can be located and resolved quickly.


Project Financing Platform

The platform will showcase projects that need funding, and investors will be able to invest directly to the project of interest on the platform using Solarex Utility token and any other approved payment method. Investors will be able to see the what they will get as Return On Investment.

Solarex Project financing options will solve the biggest problem –Market entry barriers both as a producer and as a consumer (eg, financing and Setup charges). Resolving the problem of financing project will create room for wider adoption of Solarex ecosystem, thus more people, communities, villages and towns will have equal opportunity to access energy.


Solar farm and Rooftop Solar PV

Environmentally friendly, sustainable energy will be generated right in the consumers home using the Roof Top Solar PV and locally from a the Solarex Solar Farm. This locally produced solar energy will to a large extent solve the problems below;

  • Environmental and public health; Major hazards from the polluting energy sources – Energy will be generated from the Sunlight, thereby eliminating the burning of fossil fuel or use of nuclear (Radioactive) elements to generate energy.
  • Access to energy inremote location – there will no longer exist the need to transport energy over a long distant to remote location.
  • Centralisation problems – energy will be generated in a decentralise method and it will eliminate ineffectiveness of the centralised grid.
  • Unaffordable energy cost – solar energy is one of the cheapest forms of energy generation as such the problem of high cost of electricity will also be eliminated.
  • Energy theft – Solarex Ecosystem will eliminate energy thieves with the home-based energy generation will put an end to energy theft.

Solarex Competitive Analysis

  • Solar Energy ICOs Solarex We power Solar Bankers The Sun Exchange BEATRIX Hyperion Fund
  • Features
  • P2p Energy Trading (p2pET)
  • Blockchain in p2pET
  • MVP/Working Product p2pET
  • MVP p2pET Showcase blockchain
  • MVP Showcase Smartmeter
  • MVP Showcase loT
  • AI integration
  • IOT integration
  • Technical Analysis
  • Eliminate Middleman
  • Smart Microgrid
  • Liquidity Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
  • Energy financing Platform
  • Community Support Unknown
  • Token Utility (Scale 0-5) 5 1 1 2 2 1
  • Solar Energy Generation
  • Decentralised Energy generation
  • Support Established Crypto currencies Unknown
  • Energy Infrastructure Ownership
  • Softcap 5M 5M Unknown $5.4M Unknown 5M
  • Hardcap 30M 40M $80M $160M $5Billion $50M

Try MVP/Demo

Solarex Utility Token




Topup Payment

Solarex Utility Token will be the main currency that will be used to Purchase Energy from Solarex Ecosystem.


Transaction Payment

Buying and Selling on the p2p energy marketplace will only be possible with Solarex Utility Token.


Product Discount

When a user purchases product in the Solarex ecosystem and pays with Solarex Utility Token, the user gets a special product discount that will be paid in Solarex Token.


Cross Border Payment

Solarex Utility Token will allow customers to access the Solarex ecosystem irrespective of their location world wide


Incentive Payment

Solarex Utility Token will be used to pay incentive to staff and customers and the beneficiaries can use the received tokens in any form they choose.


Referral Payment

Users will receive referral tokens when they introduce new user to any of the Solarex platform or signup for Solarex products.


Loan Repayment

Users who are on lease plan or those whose project were financed will be able able to do repayment with Solarex Utility Tokens.


Project Financing

The project financing platform will accept Solarex Utility Tokens as a means of funding a project on the platform.


Community Development

In a way of giving back to the community, Solarex will from time to time award token to selected community in it's operating zone.


Read Our Documents

Here are Solarex full documents for your reference.Endavour to read all documents before engaging in the token distribution events.

Solarex Smartgrid
Terms of Sales
Privacy Policy
SRX Howey Score

Road Map

Solarex will present a new ROAD MAP on the development of the Solarex Defi .

Meet the team


Oti Edema

Entrepreneur, Certified Blockchain Expert, Blockchain Developer, MSc Computer Networking, BSc Applied Physics and Certified Project Manager.

Ashish Verma
Solar Development & Strategy

Leading the Solar Development Analyst Team at Adani North America, with the blended mindset of Technolgy- Business/Finance, Strategic Development & Market Intelligence.

Michael Creadon
Senior Global Strategist

CEO of 4Rev, a global crypto research blog. Served for two decades as CEO of Traditum, Widely quoted in the media for his market views and trading industry insights.

Masoud Hakimi
Director, Micrologic Design

Director Micrologic Cambridge Senior Lecturer Practitioner in Electronics, RT Software Design and Development.

Ranit Saha
Blockchain Developer

CEO Rplanx Technology, Product Manager, Blockchain Expert, AI Expert. And has led various Software and blockchain development project.

Abhinav Gambhir

Blockchain Leader Program Lead - IEEE Worldwide blockchain Initiative Webmaster - IEEE Computer Society R&D Engineer - Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Software Developer.

David Oke
Lead Community Manager

Experience ICO community management expert with over 2 years experience in the ICO sphere. A digital entrepreneur & a Crypto enthusiast fascinated with the blockchain technology.

Boniface Obodeti
Solar Energy Engineer

Expert in Solar Plant Design and Implementation. MSc Solar Engineering, MSc Physics and a Bachelor Degree in Physics. With Over 6years Working in Energy Industry .

Dr. Hasnat K
Research Engineer

PhD Machine Learning, Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering. Lead of a Big Data Analytics for Delayed Flight Compensation.

Tim Reynolds

Chartered Engineer & Environmentalist, entrepreneur with experience of corporate direction and governance Teaches Sustainable Technologies for the Masters Degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge UK.

Damilola Shagaya

Brand Ambassador, An Entrepreneur, Blockchain Enthusiast with a degree in Civil Engineering. Damilola has over 3 year experience in foreign Exchange, Creative Technology, Project and Construction Management.

Marcel Arsenault MEd OTCSBC

Over 17 years' experience in IT and Information management fields with all three levels of government and within the private sector. He is an excellent communicator and fully bilingual in French and English.

Zain UI Abideen
Research and Development Engineer

MSc Computer Engineering, Expert in integration, security and trust in Embedded systems BSc Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineer. Zain has bagged many engineering awards.

Deepak Majjiga

Data Centre Architect at Nokia, Blockchain Architect Cognizant Expert in Cloudification using Nokia CBIS, CBND, CBND, Nuage Network's and Fortigate.

Abu Nurullah
Marketing Asistant

Experience Digital Marketer (social media marketing, email marketing, Google Adwords Ad, Banner Ad, social media manager, Growth hacking, PR submission ), SEO,Crypto/ICO research, ICO analysis and Review.

Steeve FragniËre
Energy Engineer

Energy Engineer. Works on the development of mixed renewable energy systems and their smart grid integration. Experience in treatment of organic waste and the creation of renewable energy.

Meet the Advisors

The Advisory Board

Giacomo Arcaro
Strategic Advisor

Growth Hacking for ICO & STO, ICObench Expert, ICO STO Advisor, Business Developer. Giacomo has acted as advisor in many successful ICO

Giovanni Casagrande

Blockchain and ICO Maestro ICO and STO Advisor. ICObench expert and Growth hacker, Expert Blockchain Technology, Crypto Investment, and a Public Speaker.

Kamal Mustafa

Data Scientist, Expert in Machine Learning, Statistics, Proven abilities in analyzing and interpreting unique problems through logical thinking to get the right Solutions.

Shehzad Khan
International Strategic Advisor

Professional CTO and CMO in many projects unique strategies for projects. CEO at blockchainbroker and litecoinpay and Expert at icobench.

Mauro Andriotto
Financial Expert

Proff in Finance, Founder Andriotto Financial Services, European Commission, Expert in Corporate finance, Risk Management and Quantitative Models for big Corporations, .

Rumen Slavchov

Technical Support Team Manager at Sutherland, Project Manager, Technical Team Lead, Chief Relationship Officer and Sales Manager CoinPoint Group, .

Dr. Vidy Potdar

PhD Computer Science, Senior Research Fellow Energy, Management and Informatics, Blockchain Consultant and Cyber Security Expert, Smart Grid and IOT.

Elma Neimar B.Arch
Business Advisor

CEO at Serenity, a multi-faceted blockchain based ecosystem, energy retailer for the people, focusing on the promotion of sustainable living, renewable energy production, transactive energy grid utility services. MD Auset Pacific Australia

Anthony Abunassar
Strategic Advisor

Anthony built his career in the world’s most prominent financial institutions. PWC Banking Advisory, Rothschild & Co, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. His expertise now being the world of cryptocurrency and ICO investing. His pedigree in finance is unparalleled.

Hamza Khan
Strategic Advisor

Blockchain expert and ico analyst having 5 year experience in crypto world. And expert in Stellar Blockchain and worked with many icos and help them reach a successful position in the market. And also helped many non ico projects like Bitcoin X, Seyblock and Stellar Platform.

Lalit Bansal
Strategic Advisor

CEO & Founder EIY SYS Pvt Ltd. Good knowledge about the Financial Markets & the Cryptocurrency world and associated with many successful fintech ICOís as an Advisor.

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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of common questions and answers. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below, or through Social Media.

All consumers worldwide remain our target, but we will focus first on Africa .

We accept Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoincash (BCH), Dodge, Ripple, Litecoin (LTC), and USD.

Solarex will build a two platforms (1. P2P Energy Trading Platform, 2. Project Financing Platform), Solar Farm, Smart Grid, Smart Meter, and Install Rooftop PV. Each of these products has its own functions in the Solarex Ecosystem

YES, you can refer a friend. And we encourage all to take advantange of the Solarex referral program to earn free tokens. When you create you account on our website,, you will see your referral link on the left hand side of the user dashboard. Share with friends and if anyone that make purchase through your link, you will get 3% referral commission wi

Private Sale - 40% Bonus, Pre-Sale - 30% Bonus, ICO Phase1 - 20%, ICO Phase2 - 10% and ICO Phase3 - 0% .

Private Sale - 140M SRX, Pre-Sale - 200M SRX, ICO Phase1 - 300M SRX, ICO Phase2 - 400M SRX and ICO Phase3 - 400M SRX.

Yes, During the Private Sale, the minimum purchase is 10,000SRX, And No Maximum. No Minimum and Maximum on the other ICO Stages .

Private Sale will commence on the 15th of November 2018 And dates for other ICO Stages will be announced in due course.

Solarex Utility Token. And the Symbole is SRX. It is Ethereum based token and ERC20 compatible.

Yes, Solarex SRX contract address is 0x198f193abf00e739d48180bcdb45ae8ca8826392. You can verify on

Solarex token has a flat rate throughout the ICO stages- 1 SRX = $0.05.

The SRX token is not a security token and it is clearly stated within our White Paper that the token is a Utility token and you can check the Howey Test Score in the document session .


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